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  • Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract — 100% pure. Each capsule contains 800mg of pure green coffee bean extract. Recommended daily intake is a minimum of 800mg.


Product Features:

    • Help you lose weight fast. See great results within first week of use.
    • Helps suppress appetite to a bearable minimum. Green Coffee Bean doesn’t eliminate your appetite, but it keeps it under control and helps you feel full.
    • Target fat stores all over the body
    • Helps lower blood pressure while at the same time boosting your metabolism
    • All natural ingredients with no side effects and no artificial coloring, fillings, binders, or additives!
    • Experience increased metabolism, increased energy, and alertness. No jitters!


Lose Weight

Lose Weight

There has been lots of proof from hundreds of people who wanted to lose weight, needed a treatment for diabetes and who are also interested in lowering their cholesterol levels and who have managed to achieve all three of these health improving aspects by taking the Bios Life Slim product. There was a person who had a kidney transplant in the year two thousand and eight and who also suffered from the three main diseases of high cholesterol, hypertension which is high blood pressure, as well as diabetes, all at the same time. This person then discovered Bios Life Slim and managed to reduce and lower their bad cholesterol down from a level of two hundred and thirteen to a level of one hundred and twenty. His glucose levels came down from three hundred and seventy five to a level of one hundred and eighteen. This person’s blood pressure readings came down from one hundred and ninety over ninety to one hundred and twenty over sixty.

Another person who was introduced to the lose weight Bios Life Slim product and after using it for seven weeks lost thirty three pounds and seven inches off their waste. There has also been a doctor who was a former air force flight surgeon, an emergency physician and a certified family physician who has been practicing as a doctor for over twenty years and has had several hundred patients, including paediatrics, who have used and continue to use the Bios Life Slim product. Many of these people have achieved fifty pounds of fat loss and some have achieved a weight loss of seventy pounds of fat in seven months. These people have been able to lose weight this way without counting the calories that they eat and without using any type of medication to help them lose weight. All they have done is take the Bios Life Slim product correctly.

The Bios Life Slim product is an effective and inexpensive product to help people lose weight, combat obesity, treat diabetes and lower cholesterol as well as improve and sometimes cure many weight related conditions that millions of people suffer from, all over the world. Bios Life Slim is the first scientific breakthrough in weight loss in thirty years. One can be bold enough to say that it is the first scientific breakthrough in weight loss, ever. The reason for making this bold statement is that every other advance in weight loss or teaching people how to lose weight has been driven by the need for people to put themselves on a reduced calorie diet. A reduced calorie diet will certainly work for many and most people but it will not work for everybody.

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Lose Weight

Lose Weight

The insulin does its job and opens the doors to our cells during our body’s efforts to lose weight. All our working cells are fed and all the excess glucose is then stored in our fat cells. This process happens very quickly. Once insulin arrives the glucose levels present in our blood stream goes back down quite quickly. However, it takes much longer for insulin to leave our body. So even though the glucose levels in our body or blood streams falls quickly our insulin level stays high. This can be a significant problem because as long as there is insulin still present in our body we cannot access the free fatty acids stored in our fat cells. Remember free fatty acids do not need insulin to allow them into our cells but they do need insulin to be gone before they can leave our fat cells.

Our body needs to eat continually, even when we are trying to lose weight, but the free fatty acids cannot leave the fat cells which result in our food cravings, the irritability and so we eat to stop these symptoms. When we eat our glucose levels spike back up again, our pancreases release more insulin, the doors to our cells are opened again and our cells once again are fed and excess glucose is then put into our fat cells. With our insulin level remaining high our bodies are still not able to release any fatty acids resulting in our bodies continually adding fat to the fat cells but never taking any fat out of our cells because we do not burn enough energy off to do that. This cycle continues after lunch, after the mid afternoon snacks and also after supper or dinner at night and so on.

We eventually end up bathing our bodies in insulin all day long and for most of the night which does not help our efforts to lose weight. After a while all that insulin takes a toll on our bodies. We start aging quickly and many people develop type two diabetes. However, there is a way to break this cycle. Taking Bios Life Slim is the answer as it is a simple and natural way to restore our body’s natural fat burning process. Instead of the spike in glucose and insulin that we typically experience when we eat our food, drinking Bios Life Slim before or during a meal allows for a more mild release of glucose and insulin into our blood streams. This mild release allows insulin release levels to mirror those released by glucose levels.

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Lose Weight

Lose Weight

When trying to lose weight properly we need to know that along with our brain cells and muscle cells we also have fat cells. When we have eaten more food to produce more glucose than what our cells need and can use, the excess amounts are stored in our fat cells where it is converted into free fatty acids. Once the glucose is out of the blood stream with our cells having been fed and the surplus having been stored away in our fat cells, then insulin closes the doors to our cells and slowly leaves our body. When our body needs more energy from glucose and we don’t have any food available to give us that energy the body will turn to the fat cells and the free fatty acids stored inside them.

During the process of our bodies trying to lose weight the free fatty acids leave our fat cells and go right back into the blood stream to feed all our other cells. They don’t need insulin to open the cell doors and that is why they are referred to as free fatty acids. This natural process of storing fat when your body has too much glucose and burning fat when your body does not have enough glucose is how your body was first deigned to work effectively and efficiently. In a perfect world and eating a perfect diet your body will obviously also work perfectly. As we all know, we do not live in a perfect world, where everything including our bodies works perfectly. Most of us do not come close to eating a perfect diet. As a result we do not benefit from this natural process very often.

The process of us trying to lose weight is thwarted because we suffer by storing too much fat in our body’s cells and rarely do we burn enough fat so that we do not put on weight. Let us now take a look at a typical breakfast in our imperfect world. After we get up in the morning most of us have a breakfast consisting of high sugars and processed foods. When this kind of food enters our body it is converted into glucose very quickly and rushes into the blood stream. The more sugary the food the faster our glucose and sugar levels in our blood stream rise. Our pancreas senses this sudden spike in glucose and reacts by secreting out doses of insulin creating an insulin spike to correspond and be compatible with the fast rising spike in glucose.

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Roasting coffee beans

Roasting coffee beans

Could there be anything better than a hot, fresh brewed cup of coffee? As you open that can of pre-ground Maxwell House Coffee, did you even know that coffee comes in different roasts? Did you know that you can roast your own coffee beans at home? If you think that the aroma of your fresh ground coffee beans can’t be beat, get a home coffee roaster, you’ll be in Java Heaven.

Roasting the coffee beans is what imparts flavor. Similar to the making of a fine wine or a hand rolled cigar, some consider the roasting of coffee beans as an art. Those that describe coffee use some of the same vocabulary they use to describe wine. Depending on the roast level chosen the beans take on different flavor characteristics. The lighter the coffee bean the less flavor it will have, the darker the coffee bean the stronger the flavor it will have.

There are generally four different categories of roast. A light roast (American), a medium roast (Breakfast), a dark roast (French), and darkest roast (Italian or espresso). Each type of roast imparts a different appearance to the coffee beans. When a coffee bean is roasted to an American roast the beans will have a very light color to them and they will appear dry. A medium roasted Bean, or Breakfast roast will have a rich brown color and will be oily in appearance. A French roasted coffee bean will have a very oily appearance with the beans appearing very dark brown. The darkest roasted beans or Espresso beans will appear black.

Coffee roasting can easily be done in your home. Depending on the roast that you desire you can roast coffee in five to fifteen minutes. Green beans are available online from a number of sellers, as are coffee roasters. Choose different types of green coffees to sample. Drum roasters are very popular for use in the home. It’s best to consider purchasing a roaster as it will give you the most consistent finish to your beans. Some try to roast beans in frying pans, some use hot air popcorn poppers. While each of these techniques will work, as mentioned above they don’t give a consistent finish to all the beans and you will most likely be disappointed in the result.

All in all, making coffee correctly is all up to you and the way your flavor buds react to the taste. If you like it a particular way, then make it that particular way. However, if you have guests over they may just like the basics. So do yourself a favour and learn the correct way to make lattes and espressos.


Coffee lovers unite! Article by TARKITIM

Lose Weight

Lose Weight

The Company is very proud of the fact that eight of the many clinical trials conducted on Bios Life Slim have been published in major main line medical journals. It is very important for anybody and everybody to understand that the Bios Life Slim product does not require so much science to prove that it works and that it is safe for people of any age to take. Bios Life Slim obviously has the scientific backup and proof but all people have to do is use the product and prove to themselves from the results that they will get from it, that it works. Other people will also see the great benefits of their friends and family who take Bios Life Slim to lose weight, as a diabetes treatment and for lowering their cholesterol levels.

Many health care professionals report that their patients who are trying to lose weight prefer to go on natural products instead of prescription drugs to help them lose weight, control their diabetes and lower their cholesterol all at the same, time through the ingestion of one product. The Company is proud to provide the Bios Life Slim product which is safe, credible and scientifically proven as an alternative to prescription drugs. Have you ever wondered that despite all the fat free foods, lose weight products and gymnasium memberships that so many of us seem to be getting fatter instead of thinner and healthier. Every day we are constantly being bombarded with countless numbers of ads, articles and commercials that tell us how to lose weight and what the best products to lose weight and to also lose fat.

However, did you know that our bodies already know how to lose fat when we are trying to lose weight? When we eat our bodies convert our food into glucose which is one of the sugar types that the body needs for energy. This is a simple sugar that travels through our blood stream. This glucose is the main food for our cells, be it a muscle cell, a brain cell or a heart cell. All the cells in our body feed from glucose. As glucose moves through the bloodstream the pancreas produces insulin. Insulin is the gatekeeper of our cells and opens the door for it to be used for our energy needs. Without it our cells cannot be fed. People must always make sure that they do not eat more than what they practically require need from an energy point of view. Overeating results in fat being stored in the cells of the body and this where the weight starts piling on.

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Arabica Coffee Beans Make Great Coffee

Arabica Coffee Beans Make Great Coffee

Produced all over the world; in Africa, Asia and even the Americas, The Arabica bean makes a wonderful cup of coffee. Research suggests that Arabica was the first cultivated variety of coffee beans. It has certainly retained its popularity over the centuries, being even today the most commonly cultivated coffee plant in the world. The plants take about seven years from planting to maturity. The coffee cherries of the plant contain the prize: Arabica coffee beans. For these beans to live up to their potential and make that perfect cup of coffee, the beans must be harvested at just the right time.

In comparison to other varieties of coffee beans, Arabica beans contain less caffeine. Yield is also lower compared to for instance, the Robusta plant, with an average Arabica coffee bush producing about one pound of coffee annually. Steep slopes and high elevations (though usually no higher than six thousand feet) seem to serve these plants well, as they allow the plants to receive ample sunlight needed for them to produce to their capacity.

The Wet Process

After harvesting, Arabica coffee beans are processed in one of two ways. One is known as the wet process. When prepared in this manner, fermentation is used to separate the beans from the husk. The Arabica coffee beans are soaked for several days, then dried in the sun for as long as six weeks. The beans are raked constantly by day, and taken inside for protection from the elements by night.

The Dry Process

In the dry process. Arabica coffee beans are not soaked so as to remove the husks. The husks are allowed to stay on and slowly dry along with the Arabica beans.

Depending on where the plant has been grown, the Arabica coffee bean can vary greatly in flavor according to its region of origin. There are varieties with flavors which remind the drinker of chocolate, spice or caramel. Arabica beans are usually preferred to Robusta by the coffee lover. Robusta beans are certainly far cheaper than Arabica, but have an overly acidic and woody taste not preferred by many (though the bean certainly has its place in blends). Arabica beans produce a cup with balanced acidity and a pleasantly mild flavor: in short, Arabica beans are the way to go to make a great cup of coffee.

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Safe Weight Loss Techniques For All

Safe Weight Loss Techniques For All
Most people are desperate to lose weight and eagerly searching for information how to shed the excess kilos easily and safely. In fact, losing weight need not be as difficult or rigorous as many imagine it to be. Safe weight loss techniques are what you should follow – rather than shedding excess weight quickly and in a risky manner. Here are a few valuable tips to combat obesity and lose weight safely without inviting other health complications.
If you are determined to lose weight healthily, the one safe way is to do physical exercise. In order to lose your weight safely and sustain the weight loss, you need a minimum of 30 minutes sessions per day. Most people resent physical exercise and want other short cut methods little realizing any quick-fix solution to weight loss can be unsafe and also not sustainable. Instead, pick the type of exercises you enjoy and it will then be easier to persist with them. There are a plethora of gyms and today gym membership is affordable.
If you are really intent on reducing weight, you should first set some reasonable and practical time-bound goals. Goal setting is always an essential part of any safe weight loss program. A successful technique for goal setting is ‘perform 30 sit ups per day’ and not ‘lose 10 pounds after one week’ as the latter aim is more vague and not easy of implementation.
Many may not be aware that drinking large quantities can accelerate the rate at which you burn calories and it will also help speed up your metabolism whereas excessive coffee drinking can push up your blood pressure and also speed up your heart beat making it extra difficult for you to drop the weight. Besides, excess consumption of water helps to keep your stomach full, which means less intake of junk food.
Your yearning to lose weight safely need not mean sacrificing food or starving yourself to death. You only have to decrease the frequency of eating and avoiding unhealthy foods – like fast food, sugary foods, fat-rich food, high calorie food etc. Managing the amount of calories you consume and not consuming more calories than you will be able to burn in a day, is a proven method to lose weight.
Do not be over-enthusiastic in losing weight and any weight loss program has to be systematic and gradual. If you lose too much weight quickly, the more likely you will regain it fast. Fat loss is better achieved when you lose weight slowly. Try not to lose more than two pounds in a week – for instance, start consuming 250 calories less a day that will help you lose one two pounds a week.
When trying to shed off extra weight, however, you should see to it that you only do methods that produce safe weight loss. If you are impatient and want to lose weight fast and in an unsafe manner, you will be putting your life to risk. Never opt for fat burning pills, diet pills, and other such medications. Weight loss surgery is certainly not recommended if you are a healthy person and not obese due to some deficiency or there is a serious risk to the life of the person due to obesity.

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Biking Safely For Weight Loss

Biking Safely For Weight Loss
Riding a bike can have a drastic effect on your health. It is a way to challenge your cardiovascular and respiratory systems while gaining strength and muscle mass in the legs.

It is also beneficial in aiding individuals to increase their heart rate, break an intense sweat, get rid of extra calories, and lose excess fat. Whether it is on a mountain, road, or stationary bike, anyone can learn the proper mechanics of riding and how to get a fantastic workout.

However, this method of activity can occasionally be dangerous or harmful to the operator, especially if they do not pay attention to the safety regulations that have been established to keep bicyclists from harm. You should never even begin any routine without properly wearing a helmet and protective gear.

Unfortunately, many deaths and accidents each year could have been less serious and not fatal if the cyclist was wearing these items. Some are worried about the comfort or look of protective gear, but they have become so modernized that you can find light and stylish types in most stores.

It is no longer as cumbersome or unattractive as helmets and pads used to be in years past. Biking outfitters have done their best to make the products light and durable, while also looking sleek and athletic.

Those that are really interested in attempting this form of exercise will definitely need protection against the rocks or asphalt or the terrain that is rode on. There are plenty of cyclists who have survived or prevented brain damage through the use of a helmet.

Pay a visit to a specialty biking or sporting goods store and ask advice about the types of gear that they have available. They should offer you the option of trying them on and seeing how well you like them before you make a purchase.

The gear that you choose should be large enough to cover your head and knees/elbows, but it should also be light and flexible. It is better to spend a little more money for quality goods than risking your own safety.

Many crashes and accidents are at the fault of the biker. Anyone that chooses to exercise on the roads must understand the risk and that they put themselves in the path of vehicles that could hit them.

Though most cities have set up bike paths and areas for you to ride in, accidents still happen. You must always be on your guard and pay attention to your surroundings.

Signal clearly to cars and trucks when you are planning on turning or slowing down. This will make it known to the others on the road which direction you plan to follow.

It is important that you understand and adhere to the laws of the roads; pay attention to lights and signs and stay in the designated cycling area. Anyone that chooses to ride on mountain trails should also be aware of other bikers.

Analyze the trail and you are on it. Be careful and notice any jagged rocks or steep drops that you may injure yourself on.

Refrain from performing stunts or tricks that are dangerous; both novices and those that are experienced are likely to hurt themselves. Anyone that is able to do these tricks will have been practicing and mastering them for a long time.

If you attempt anything of this manner without experience, you will most likely injure yourself. Be careful and use caution; stick to the paths that have been designated for you.

Those that exercise during the heat of the day must wear sunglasses and keep hydrated. Do not try to ignore the signals that your body is telling you when it is too hot outside; take your workout indoors on an exercise bike or machine.

Those that ride at night should be sure to wear reflective gear that will let cars know of their presence. Many have been saved from being hit because of these small clips or accessories.

Always be familiar with the path you are on. You are more likely to go off the beaten trail or travel over steep and dangerous cliffs if you are bicycling at night.

Staying safe and out of harm is easy if you pay attention to the rules of the road and are constantly aware of your surroundings. Those that are unsure about their city’s laws should research them and prepare themselves for biking.

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Pure Green Coffee Bean: Components, Dietary Effects and Health Benefits

Pure Green Coffee Bean: Components, Dietary Effects and Health Benefits

Due to the increasing hype manifested in various forms of media, numerous people have begun searching for effective supplements that would instantly promote weight loss. Among the compounds that promote weight loss that has started arising in the market today is pure green coffee bean extract. However, before people practice the regular intake of this supplement, it is essential that its components, dietary effects and other health benefits be assessed.

How can a pure green coffee bean be obtained?

Coffee beans are seeds that are contained inside a red or purple berry. In order to obtain the desired taste and aroma of coffee from these beans, they should first be roasted. However, this does not apply if you want to have a green coffee extract. What you have to do is to have get the extract from the unroasted beans to have the supplement.

What component makes pure green coffee different from normal coffee?
When coffee beans are roasted, one of its natural components called chlorogenic acid decreases. However, if these beans remain unroasted, the beans retain the said substance. Chloronergic acid is the chemical that has been claimed to promote weight loss.

How does chlorogenic acid contribute to loss of weight?

Unroasted green coffee beans contain chlorgenic acid, which has been established to promote weight loss through two primary mechanisms. First, it can be done by inhibiting glucose release in the body. Hence, glucose, which remains man’s primary form of stored physiological energy, will only be used when needed by the body.

Second, it increases fatty acid metabolism, which enhances the rate at which stored fat is utilized in the body. The unused lipids will be burned since enzymes responsible for catabolizing these storage units will be activated.

What other health benefits will I receive when I drink green coffee bean extract?

The advantages of extract derived from pure green coffee bean are not just limited to instant weight loss among people with regular intake. Some studies have also manifested that the said extract lowers both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. This extract can also be administered among people who have mild hypertension because it enables a mechanism that will normalize the blood pressure.

Second, regular use of the extract will improve the circulation of blood in the body. Drinking the extract will reduce the constriction and dilation of blood vessels, which will ensure that the blood cells and the nutrients they carry are transported in various parts of the body. Various studies have shown that the vasoreactivity in the body was normalized among people who had regular intake.

Trying out the intake of pure green coffee bean extract is suitable for people who desire to lose weight. However, you have to make sure that you understand the components, proper doses and effects of these substances in order to fully achieve your desired weight in no time. It is also essential that you use pure forms of this green coffee bean in order to the weight you envision yourself to have.

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Is Weight Control Hypnosis Effective?

Is Weight Control Hypnosis Effective?

Since losing weight is largely a mental process that can fail or succeed based on the contents of your thoughts and your overall attitude, it makes sense that weight control hypnosis would work wonders. So, is this a valuable tool for those trying to shed excess weight, or is it yet another gimmick in the dieting market?

Hypnosis is definitely not a gimmick. You will not be programmed to eat particular foods or do certain exercises while going through the process. While most gimmicks that are sold today are aimed at specific eating patterns or ideals, hypnosis is simply a way to get your mind focused on the goals you want to accomplish.

Losing weight is largely a mental process. If you do not have the right attitude or go into it with the wrong mental focus, you are very unlikely to actually follow through to the end and meet your goals. Hypnosis is a way to clear your mind of the doubt and negativity and really focus on why you want to reach your goals and what you must do to really get there.

For people who really take the process seriously and go into each hypnosis session with an open mind, this is a very effective weight loss tool. It will not take the weight off for you, but it will give a huge helping hand to getting your mind in the right place.

Those who find that hypnosis doesn’t work are often those who have doubts to begin with and do not really commit to the process. If you can let go of those doubts for your first session and really go deeply into the hypnosis without restraint you will likely have a great experience.

Weight control hypnosis is best done by a professional who is skilled at how to direct you through the process correctly, but there are ways to learn to do this for yourself.

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